Do not judge and you will not be judged.
Forgive and you will be forgiven.
Give and it will be given to you.
Luke 6: 37-38

2 January 2011

Birthday at the Bank House pub in Hixon.

A joyful celebration for Steven's birthday at the Bank House in Hixon. I will post a few photos. 
I'd better say that these are Steven's photos as I cannot use my computer at the moment!

It is great to spend quality time with our friends. Of course, we may wonder if the birthday boy enjoyed listening to lots of the usual comments about 'getting older', 'bus pass' and some very good jokes that unfortunately I cannot remember! Actually I can remember a very good one said by Philip..
A vicar is visiting an old lady who is 100 years old 
and asks her how things are going. 
She answers that everything is fine then pauses.
Then she goes on: Oh, things are even better now
 that I managed to get my son who is 80 in a nursing home...

So we were in excellent company, with superb food and drink. 
Do you find it difficult to get to speak to everybody?
 If I am having an interesting conversation,
 I find it hard to stop and move next to somebody else
 and start another equally conversation..
.well, I could spend the whole time talking to the first friend,
 however, I think that it's quite exciting to move on and talk to somebody else..
I knew somebody who'd s say very casually as soon as the conversation would become a bit fluffy, 
.excuse me, I must see X..
.she would say it so naturally that you could not  possibly be offended 
even though you had to find somebody else to talk to.
 I cannot do this if the conversation is not ending naturally.
Praise the Lord for our loved ones and our good friends. Your sister in Christ. N
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