Do not judge and you will not be judged.
Forgive and you will be forgiven.
Give and it will be given to you.
Luke 6: 37-38

11 November 2012

Special week-end with my sister Pauline

Today, we had a lovely day, the weather has been gorgeous. Steven got up earlier than me, I got up at ninish, then my sister Pauline and I had a coffee, and we had a relaxed time over breakfast looking at the birds, mainly the starlings and the prince nut-hatch devouring the seeds in the garden. It seems ages since I hadn't talked to Pauline though of course it is not. The postman delivered my engagement ring (the replacement for it) however it did not fit! There must have been a mix-up at the jeweller's since the actual ring was completely different. Four weeks ago, I lost the stone probably in school but it could have been anywhere, in the car park, the yard or even the dining-room. So my darling Steven rang the jeweller but they were engaged and as time was ticking he left a message. 
At lunch time we took Pauline to Stone for a latte and a beer, we read and discuss the news on the I newspaper and had a tour round the charity shops and the craft market where they had lots of hand-made gifts ready for Christmas. Back home for a bbq, as you would have guessed, beef and courgettes, as Pauline likes her beef well cooked, Steven sliced it up and it worked.. 
Imogen just came back from work and though she likes her new job, she confessed that she had to wash up plates and pots of mushroom soup, and they stank. Bless her. Though she is supposed to do her washing-up at home, I end up doing it for her out of sympathy..I know that I should not but still..
She was upset because a friend let her down, however, another friend invited her for a sleepover tonight so I took her there, just 10 min at the end of the village. 
Then, time to decide what to watch on tv, we started with Strictly dancing, Pauline's favorite programme and I must say that I could get used to watch it. Steven went to bed at about eleven while Pauline and I talked non stop until early morning. 

Before we went to Rome, I picked up this book, Song of a stranger, Daniel, in a charity shop. I have started to read it and it is so good, I know that I am going to enjoy that book so much. This is what it is about: (let me quote the publisher) This 6-week study guide written by R Tice, P. Maiden, E. Duncan, D. Richards, and E. Mc Quoid looks at Daniel's life.
How can we be faithful to God in a non-Christian society without compromising our beliefs? How can we resist the pressure to conform? The story is set in a time when the Israelites were in exile in Babylon. They were wondering how they could still be God's people in a foreign land; how could they serve God when all the props their faith relied on had been removed? 
We face a similar dilemma in the twenty-first century. Daniel's story reminds us that we can make a positive contribution to society and preserve the integrity of faith. I thought it was a novel when I picked it up..but on the contrary, this sounds even more interesting..If you have read that book, let me know. Blessings in Christ. N.
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