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Luke 6: 37-38

21 February 2015

Your choice!

As Imogen is a vegan, she has to drink soya milk, on the other hand, Camille has chosen to drink soya milk. When Imogen visits us from uni and then goes back to London, she leaves behind the bottle of soya milk she has started and naturally in order to avoid wasting, I finish it. I actually like the nutty taste of soya milk. Steven on his part does not drink milk at all and hardly uses it in cooking. He will have a black coffee! 
I did a bit of research and after reading that, I am very tempted to switch completely to soya milk.
What do you think? Do you drink lots of milk anyway or not? Have you ever tasted soya milk?

Unlike cow's milk, soy milk is naturally low in fat. Regular-fat soy milk contains slightly more fat per cup than 2% milk, but it is naturally free from saturated fat (which is considered to be more unhealthy than unsaturated fat ). ( More on fat contents in milk )

Because it is made from plant material instead of an animal byproduct, soy milk contains no cholesterol . Dairy milk contains about 20 milligrams of cholesterol per cup. An adult's recommended daily allowance of cholesterol is 300 milligrams, and many people with high cholesterol or some types of heart problems are better off consuming well below the usual RDA of cholesterol.

Soy milk is also high in protein . One cup of soy milk contains about seven to ten grams of protein. This is similar to cow's milk, which contains eight grams of protein per cup. Although some sources say that soy protein in soy milk is undigestible or an incomplete protein, this is not true. Soy milk protein is a complete protein and is highly digestible. Here is an interesting chart! 

What do you think? Do you drink lots of milk anyway or not? Have you ever tasted soya milk?

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