Do not judge and you will not be judged.
Forgive and you will be forgiven.
Give and it will be given to you.
Luke 6: 37-38

3 August 2015

A day out to the Grottes du Chaffaud, Savigne

Good evening my friends, we have been in France in the Poitou-Charente region since Wednesday the 29th of July and we've been blessed by a lovely weather and friendly people. 
Today the temperature reached 33 degrees C. so we were not surprised to see the sheep finding shelter.

 We decided to bike to the next village called Savigne where there are pre-historical caves to visit. The site was remarquable , the Charente river is wide and high, narrow iron bridges and of course the caves. It was pretty steep so I had to be careful and hold on to the rope and on the way back making sure not to slip!

Just before going to the caves, we had a drink on the terrasse of a quaint restaurant. Its interesting menus that are also reasonably priced attract lots of tourists and French people so you should really book. 

 The following photo is of interest for any historian, this plaque on the bridge out of Savigne bears the name of Napoleon III, I was shocked when I read the inscription

You may wonder why I took this picture of Steven coming back from the campsite on his own. After visiting the church of Savigne and finding out that the caves were another 4 kms away on the route of Limoges, I suddenly realised that I left my watch. However I could not remember if I'd left it in the shower cubicle or put it back in my bag so my darling hubby suggested he'd go back to the campsite to find out. I could wait for him at the top of the hill. That was kind of him, I find this hill pretty steep, well |I think that I am not the only one!
As we left the church of Savigne, the bells started to chime. Outside, the archeologists stacked ancient sarcophages that were discovered 

Ancient sarcophages

After a very emotional day yesterday when I got to meet up with relatives of mine, two dear cousins whom I haven't met for years, today has been very tranquil. We were told that a heavy storm was on its way and we should put stuff away safely but so far nothing.
Have a blessed evening. What are you doing during your hols, let me know.
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