Do not judge and you will not be judged.
Forgive and you will be forgiven.
Give and it will be given to you.
Luke 6: 37-38

3 October 2015

What friends, alcohol and smoking could not do!

Umit had no peace or joy. It seemed everywhere he looked, it was missing. If at a moment he found peace, it lasted only a breath; then his life went back to the same feeling of unrest. This restlessness overshadowed any source of joy. If the peace his young heart yearned for wasn't found in his religion, his friends or in the alcohol he consumed, where could he find it?
Seeking to Fill the VoidUmit had grown up in a very religious home. Every month, he visited the local religious institution in hopes of finding blessings and peace. As time wore on, however, Umit felt all his pursuits of peace were fruitless. He stopped worshiping his god and began filling the emptiness with friends, smoking and drinking. But the happiness and momentary fulfilment he felt would inevitably sweep past him, leaving the void more prominent than before. Slowly, Umit began to cling tighter to alcohol. His parents tried to guide him and counsel him away from his bad habits, but he wouldn't listen.

Aside from the time he spent with his friends, Umit enjoyed listening to the radio, which was the latest technology in his village. He liked listening to music. As he was skimming through radio stations one day, his fingers suddenly stopped turning the dial. The words of a radio speaker speaking his language quickened Umit's ears. A message of eternal hope and peace echoed in the air. Umit listened intently as the speaker hit on the very points he felt his life lacked. The program touched his heart, and from that moment, Umit's life would never again be the same.

What Friends, Alcohol and Smoking Couldn't Do

Umit lifted up his voice in prayer with the radio speaker. Weary of his disobedient, miserable life, he longed for the hope that Jesus promised to give. After he prayed, peace immediately filled him. The drinking and smoking Umit once indulged in then became a thing of the past.
He wanted someone to tell him everything about Jesus and answer all his questions. But no one around him shared his faith, and he had no Bible to read. The only source he knew of was the radio program. Umit called the station, and on the other end of the line he heard the familiar voice of the radio broadcaster. Pagat, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, listened closely to Umit as he poured out his heart and told his story of pursuing peace
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