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10 February 2016

Getting ready to go to France

As we are getting ready to go to France, here is the information I was given for little animals. If your pet is a rat, mouse, rabbit, guinea-pig, hamster...(rodents and lagomorphs) or if you are going to transport your animal through France without returning to the UK here are the rules:
You can only take 5 animals to France (all species included) per owner per family, with only one owner being allowed per family. If you are taking more than 5 animals, you need the authorization of the French Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Rural Affairs (Animal Welfare Office) (See address below).
Website :
You will need to obtain certificates issued by a Local Veterinary Inspector (a private veterinary surgeon who is allowed to issue certificates for the import/export of pets) to travel with your animal:
I. A certificate of Good Health (In both languages) to testify that your pet has no signs of disease, above all any signs of a contagious disease of the species.For example regarding rabbits: myxomatosis etc. This certificate should be issued between 1 and 5 days before the entry of the animal into France.
II. A certificate from a Local Veterinary Surgeon showing that the pet has stayed in the UK at least 21 days before the departure to France or since its birth.
You can find a registered veterinary surgeon if you consult the website :
Regarding the journey, please contact the appropriate transport companies to check if your are allowed to travel with your pet.
You have to check if your animal belongs to an endangered species
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