Do not judge and you will not be judged.
Forgive and you will be forgiven.
Give and it will be given to you.
Luke 6: 37-38

24 March 2013

Service cancelled due to bad weather

Due to the snowdrifts and bad access to Sandon church (a 10 o'clock service) our confirmation service had to be cancelled. Philip, our team rector phoned Bishop Jeff who was digging his car out of the snow up in Barlaston, just on time, and then succeeded to ring all the candidates. 
Fortunately it was decided that we would have a service (at 11:15) at Weston which is of a more accessible church with a better parking. The weather forecast was -I am told- looking quite good yesterday. It was a lovely Palm Sunday service, with excellent hymns, and well attended by parishioners all around Mid-trent churches team. The younger ones made different coloured palm leaves which we shook when we sang 'At the name of Jesus' composed by John Michael Brierley (b. 1932), one of my favourite hymn.
On a funny note, Imo decided to go for a walk with her friend Kathy and was looking for a pair of wellies (size 5). I told her to look in the garage to see if her sister's wellies (size 4) would fit. She found them and brought them to us complaining that there were bits of paper in it. So I emptied them in the garden and to our surprise, with the bits of paper came a fair amount of sunflower seeds. She tried them on but they did not fit. Some time she left. Then Steven, the good looking vicar (!) told me that the rural mice had probably selected those boots for their spring nest and hoard. I told you that the neighbour's cat Lucy always comes uninvited, thinking about it, I am glad that we have this cat keeping the rural mice at bay. 
Have a blessed Sunday. Yours in Christ. N.
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