Do not judge and you will not be judged.
Forgive and you will be forgiven.
Give and it will be given to you.
Luke 6: 37-38

23 September 2013

Does this ever happen to you?

For instance, the minute you are engrossed in something really interesting, i.e. just now, I was in the middle of reading a new post (Why did God create evil?), I got interrupted by our daughter asking why there was a cardboard box full of bath  towels in the middle of her room! How do I know? on second thoughts, it was probably brought there by mistakes because when we moved back in there were so many boxes everywhere...
Earlier on, my personal chef (lol) asked me whether I wanted some home grown potatoes and beans. I politely said no thanks, I'd rather have a tomatoe salad..For some reason,  I never had time to make my salad so when the fish appeared, I asked him if there was enough for me too..grumble grumble, ok, why did you change your mind...Don't know! Just did!
I have been told recently that my vocabulary includes too many of these: basically, anyway, well.. I did not say anything, wondering why/when I had started to use these regularly. The following day, at break, my colleagues and I were chatting away, and within 5 minutes, I'd heard the word 'basically' 5 times. Could this be a simple osmosis?
Blessings :)
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